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I'm Meg aka M

As a graphic designer and social media specialist, I truly believe in the power of any business, big or small. The impact that stellar branding and marketing can have on a company increases the way in which they connect, communicate, and serve their ideal client. Whether you’re looking to give your company a facelift, increase social media engagement, or raise your bottom line, Design by M is here to serve you.


 Ready to take your brand in a new direction?

Building and maintaining your brand are vital and social media is one of the perfect ways to increase your brand awareness online. I want to help brands like you navigate the overwhelming world of social media and help give it the exposure that it needs and deserves.

Whether you’re building a brand

from the ground-up or you are considering giving your existing brand a refresh, there's a lot to consider when building your visual identity. From colors to fonts, graphic styles to messaging, it can get confusing. Let me take the confusion away.

It’s essential to prioritize a solid design for your brand. Graphic design is vital for any business that wants to make a positive, lasting impression on customers. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand, in any capacity, sets the tone for the rest of the customer experience. 


turn your brand visions into visuals



Meg is not only a talented and unique designer, she is professional, communicative, and FAST. I was almost soured on working with designers until I reached out to Meg. Any time she’s produced a flyer or design for me, it’s been faster than her estimated processing time, matches my branding perfectly, and stands out as creative and aesthetically unique. Hire her. You won’t regret it.

Jessie DaSilva

CEO and Coach at Jessie DaSilva Coaching

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